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No Limits

14 Series (2003 - 2014)
No Limits brings you unexpected stories about what it’s like living with disability. Presented and produced with disabled people it’s a place to build community and identity.
Series 1 (13 Episodes)

No Limits Season 14

Season 14 is the last and newest season of this successful long running community television series. Produced by Kath Duncan.
Phineas Meere and Sara McQueenie smile while sitting behind the No Limits desk.
Series 3 (13 Episodes)

No Limits Season 12

Thirteen episodes of fabulous disability proud content including Johnny Crescendo's activist tour of Melbourne, Communication rights, legal rights and a some surprising sports and the disabled people who excel at them. In the midst of all this a group of disabled people from Kiribati came to Melbourne and we showed them how to make television ... and introduced them to strawberries over lunch.
A man (Johnny Crescendo) sits in a wheelchair wearing a hat on a stage speaking into a microphone.
Series 4 (13 Episodes)

No Limits Season 11

Episodes in this season include The first people's network, sexuality, rural community life, employment and leadership.
four people sit in front of the "No Limits" sign talking.  Three of the people are in wheelchairs.
Series 5 (12 Episodes)

No Limits Season 10

Season 10 of No Limits kicks off with a collection of talented individuals, new faces, new stories and new laughs! Gary Newton and Elvira Alic join forces as the unstoppable co-host duo, exploring politics, employment, community, media, sex and dating with a splash of disability. Returning in season 10 is the much loved Akash Temple and witty Michael Uniake (Simon Lane) with 'Not The News'. No Limits is back, bigger, better and fired up to brin you live music performances, elite guest appearances and first hand opinions from the street, hot from public!
A man wearing sunglasses holds up an orange.  He is standing in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.
Series 7 (13 Episodes)

No Limits Season 8

Season 8 is the middle season in this long running series. It includes and interview with Bill Shorten, episodes recorded at the Melbourne aquarium and much more.
Macca and Sara chat in the No Limits retro living room set
Series 8 (2 Episodes)

No Limits Season 07

Season 7 of the popular community television series presented by disabled people including Stella Young, George Taleporos, Tim McCallum and many more.
Dr George Taleporos, Tim McCallum and Stella Young sit chatting behind the No Limits studio desk.
Series 14 (13 Episodes)

No Limits Season 01

The very first season of No Limits premiered in 2003 but much of it remains relevant and interesting today. This season also introduced the world to disabled presenters including Stella Young, Sara McQueenie, Dr George Taleporos and more.
two disabled women Stella Young and Janice Florence sit behind a TV studio desk.
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