No Limits Season 12 Episode 5

No Limits

No Limits Season 12

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Classification: Parental Guidance Country: Australia Director(s): Naomi Chainey Themes: AFDO, Kiribati, Arts, Advocacy, Pacific Islands Cast: Brenda Lacey, Jacqui Ward, Martin Ferguson, Baia Namoriki, Bobu Tabula, Karuboro Baiteke, Regina Ritiata, Riano Kobebe, Tabala Tiimi, Teuai Tainimaki, Tewaaki Konititan, Bauraio Keakea
In 2012 the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) invited a group of disabled people from the Kiribati islands to visit Melbourne and learn about advocacy. Filmed in Kiribati and Melbourne this episode offers a unique insight into this culture and how they responded to being in Australia for the first time.
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