Not Being Able To Speak Is Not The Same As Having Nothing To Say.

6 Episodes (2024)
For more than forty years Dr. Rosemary Crossley worked with children and adults with little or no speech to teach them to communicate. Rosemary died in 2023 and the committee of management of the Anne McDonald Centre wanted to capture her knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of future generations of non-speakers and their families and supporters so that they may continue to have the tools to help develop communication skills. This series of video provide insight and techniques to help non speakers learn to communicate. We hope that these lessons will help families, teachers, medical staff, people in the legal profession and anyone else who encounters someone without speech to “presume competence” and find a way for that person to tell you what they are thinking. The videos draw from a large archive of films made by Rosemary during her lifetime and are augmented by words from Anne McDonald Centre President and mother of Mitch, Leane Leggo. Mitch and Leane Leggo were clients of Rosemary’s and supported the centre for many years. We hope that when you encounter someone who cannot speak that you find this a useful and practical resource. View Episodes
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